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easyBlog is an open source, lightweight blog system based on .NET MVC3.0 EF4.1 CodeFrist. It is also a lightweight framework for web development, you can easily build your own web application based on easyBlog framework. The name easyBlog comes from easyBlog, easy to use, easy to expand. The following technologies are used in easyBlog:

ORM  EF4.1

Why eBlog?
There are so many blog platforms out there, many of them are also open source , why eBlog? Because:

More powerful
eBlog support original functions such as playing in turns, cache, data backup, highlight etc, which need plug-ins to support on other blog platforms.

Customized URL, SEO optimization
Use pseudo-static technology, which can show you any form of suffixes or no suffixes.

Support browsing from the handheld terminal such as cell phone or other portable devices.
Perfect support for offline writing , no plug-ins.
Interactive function, including RSS feeds, subscribe to comments, various kinds of email feeds etc.
Blog and e-commerce bind together
If you want to sell some kinds of services or products, eBlog can easily help you make it happen. Use third-party payment service (such as Alipay ) to secure the trade.

Where you can show your projects and works of art.
Upload and download, or download with your score.

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